Playbills often only have space to list the musicians’ names, but the beauty of the web is we have all the room in the world. So read on to learn about the skilled people who’ve spent countless hours learning to play a musical instrument. In every production, they rehearse, memorize, and work as hard as anyone in the spotlight. Without them, where would the show be?

The People Behind the Music:

PatSapp PAT SAPP (Music Director, Conductor, Keyboard): Her mom said she conducted music from her crib. Or maybe she was just really happy. Whatever it was, the music followed her through her life, tapping her toes and pulsing through her veins.

She sang her first solo in church at the age of three, played piano and organ, directed the choir, sang trios with her sisters. In school, she played in the bands and sang in the choirs. In college, she graduated with a degree in music.

Now she says she is officially “old,” but music is her constant companion. We’re glad.
ChrisLewis RHIANNA HAINES (Keyboard): Rhianna Haines is a local accompanist and piano teacher to almost thirty students. She is married with four children, and has played the piano since the age of eight. Although new to musical theater, she is looking forward to her future with The Last Resort Players.
ChrisLewis CHRIS LEWIS (Keyboard): Chris considers it a huge honor to get to play in the Mamma Mia ensemble! Of course the music is great, but it is also fun working with such a stellar group of people. Chris has had the privilege of playing for or conducting the orchestra in several LRP productions, and she is excited to be a part of this one as well. When Chris is not playing the piano or the cello, she is teaching school or hiking across entire countries with her husband, Ira.