The schedule for August Music rehearsals is shown below. Rehearsals are not open to the public. Soloists are encouraged to attend at least one ensemble rehearsal each week along with their solo rehearsal.

August Music Rehearsals



MAMMA MIA! Company rehearsals will begin in July after delivery and distribution of MAMMA MIA! Libretto/Vocal books to the cast. Rehearsals will initially focus on vocal and dance requirements. The company will work in small groups with the Musical and Choreography directors a few times each week and be expected to practice regularly at home. This rehearsal segment will be somewhat fluid in nature, depending on the progress the company makes.

Beginning in September, rehearsals will begin in earnest and generally involve larger portions if not the entire company. We anticipate 4-6 weeks of 4-day/week evening rehearsals, followed by 2-4 weeks of 5-day/week evening rehearsals. The length of the latter segment will depend on the progress we achieve in the earlier segments. The time you spend rehearsing at home in the beginning can markedly shorten the rehearsal time required later.

The table belows generally summarizes our rehearsal plan for September and October. Depending on the progress we make in the early stages of rehearsal, we may be able to continue the 4-day/week plan into October. On the other hand, if our progress lags, we may switch to the 5-day/week plan earlier than expected. In any event, you should plan on 5-day/week rehearsals for the last two-three weeks of October.

Sept 3rd - Sept 27th Mon - Thurs 6:30 or 7:00pm 9:30 or 10:00pm
Sept 30th - Oct 25th Mon - Fri 6:30 or 7:00pm 9:30 or 10:00pm
Oct 28th - Oct 31th* Mon - Thurs 5:30 10:00pm

* Tech week rehearsals at Florence Events Center.

MAMMA MIA! company rehearsals are tentatively planned for the Siuslaw Elementary School located at 2221 Oak St. here in Florence (though we have yet to receive formal approval of our application from the school district so there is a possibility this location may change). Small-group dance and vocal rehearsals may occur at other locations in Florence as well.

Communicating During Rehearsal Period

Communication is vital to the rehearsal process. For example, you might think being a few minutes late to a rehearsal won't affect anything so there's no neeed to notify anyone. But being just 10 minutes late can mean a 300 minute loss to a 30-member company rehearsal — 5 hours! We expect you to be on-time to rehearsals. But we all know: life happens. If your plans change, make the effort to communicate that to us. Rehearsals require orchestrating many moving parts, and if one part is unexpectedly missing, a lot of time gets wasted. Communication minimizes that waste.

We anticipate communicating verbally during rehearsal, via email, text messaging, and social media (e.g., a private Facebook group, and Twitter). Most of the company seems to have both email and cell phones. In the near future we'll be asking you how you would prefer to communicate with the production team.